Al Aridah Considered as the First Digital Hospital Utilizing Vida System in the Southern region.

Jazan – 14 December 2020


Achieving the effective digital transformation which is one of the most essential elements in 2030 Kingdom’s Vision.

As a complement to the digital transformation plan in the medical sector and under the patronage of the Ministry of Health, Vida electronic health record was released in the southern region of the kingdom in Jazan city at Al Aridah hospital to be the first digital hospital implementing the Vida electronic health record in the southern region. Moreover, it’s the first hospital using the updated version of the Vida system in the kingdom. Owing to this great success after Cloud Solutions released the Vida electronic health record in 17 hospitals in Al Qassim province. The electronic health record is a cloud system that serves the health care workers in order to have a smooth approach of providing health services to the patients by having an electronic health care record for each individual. It also contributes to preventing medical errors and drug-to-drug interactions and it saves time, also to improves the quality of health care, and be able to manage inventory along with following up with chronic diseases patient cases to have a flexible prosperous medical environment.

This event was sponsored by the Ministry of Health with the collaboration of success partners (Cloud Solutions, GE Digital, Mobily, Jazan Health Affairs) who have excelled in different sectors.

Expanding all over the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is what Cloud Solutions working on, seeking to achieve a full digital transformation in the medical sector utilizing the new technology to get an advancing development and a bright future in the new digital medical sector. The advantage of operating the digital transformation is that it saves cost and effort and improves operational efficiency and to have much easier procedures for an excellent workflow and full client satisfaction.