Best Partner Award by Ascom for Technology information and communications

26 January 2021


Cloud Solutions awarded by Ascom Company for being the best partner in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the year of 2020.

Cloud solutions are considered as the official agent for Ascom in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia by providing the company’s solutions and products to their clients across the kingdom. Ascom awarded Cloud Solutions for being the best partner for this year for the great success both companies achieved. Ascom participate through their technical arm (Cloud solutions) in a role of rising healthcare quality by providing effective modern technologies and systems like nurse call system that aims to reduce patient waiting time in bed and to answer his call in a short time to get his full satisfaction. Furthermore, keeping up with technology development and new medical discoveries is important to rise the healthcare level and provided medical services and improve the methods of work inside the hospitals.

The joint cooperation between cloud solutions and Ascom affects the quality of the healthcare sector in the Kingdom, as both companies focus on developing and improving the healthcare sector with the latest smart technologies. Cloud Solutions is also working on many modern systems that will facilitate how hospitals work, reduce medical errors and raise the efficiency of healthcare providers. As it has already started implementing many of its systems in several of Ministry of Health hospitals in the Kingdom. Information technology has made a radical change for the medical field in the quality of provided services for patients as well as digitalizing the medical sector by using electronic transactions instead of the paper ones to reduce any potential mistake, and allow doctors to access and follow patient’s medical history.