Synapses’ tele-health services is designed to connect the healthcare team and patients remotely utilizing the latest cutting edge technologies; providing a convenient, cost effective and real-time communication.


  • Synapses TeleICU provides an echo system of digital solutions utilizing integrated tools that delivers ICU beds live-feed, alarm system, robot-assisted virtual tours and allow care team secure-communication. One expert critical care team could review, manage, and follow up the patients regularly and as-needed basis, not only via instant access to their electronic health records, but also through immediate live audio-visual high-quality interactions with remote staff and patients. In addition, the command center monitors and guide the performance of these remote units to insure the achievements of the best quality and highest standards of care
  • Synapses TeleICU has shown significant improvement compared to the pre-implementation period; as the mortality rate has dropped, and ICU average length of stay highly decreased as the Protocol compliance improved.
  • Tele-emergency provides audio and visual communication for central emergency care centre and the emergency room; for real-time emergency care consultations, ambulance tracking and remote medical devices monitoring.


Timely communication
Cuts travel-time for patients and physicians
Integrated to patient health records
Technology assisted alerts and decision-making


Accurate Fast Remotely

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